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Clearer, Younger & Healthier skin is easy with 302 Skin Care

Updated 5/10/2020

I’ve tried many skin care lines, especially in the 10 years I’ve worked for medical aesthetics manufacturers. As a sales rep, I’ve traded products and feedback with doctors, aestheticians and other reps about the latest, best products. Though medical grade products can provide fast results, I always seem to do best with gentle, natural skincare for my everyday routine.

A few long term staples have earned my loyalty, but I’ve recently found my absolute favorite line for clear, youthful and glowing skin: 302 Professional Skin Care.

Mineral SPF: The first step to healthy skin

Several years ago, I was introduced to 302’s SPF 50 while receiving micro current facelift treatments in San Diego. The slight tan tint meant it also worked as a light coverage foundation. Many SPF formulas are greasy or heavy, so using them is a chore. This one actually made my skin look good while protecting it!

That was 2014. I’d realized that for mature skin it was best to create a gentle, simple daily skin care routine, with a few medical treatments per year to exfoliate and rejuvenate my sensitive, redness prone complexion. 

The best solution for sensitive, aging skin concerns

My skin looks good overall, but I have some issues:

  • Lack of firmness
  • Redness on cheeks and nose, resulting from inflammation/sensitivity
  • Pore congestion around nose
  • Fine lines, likely due to sun damage

Over the years, I’ve had light spa peels, medical grade chemical peels such as The Perfect Derma Peel and VI Peel, IPL and Fraxel lasers. I’ve  tried non invasive modalities, such as LED light therapy and micro current facials.

While I believe in the value of the occasional medical grade treatment, I know better than to over exfoliate. Exfoliation is important, but in excess it damages and ages the skin.

At home I’ve used retinol and tretinoin creams on and off. I believe Vitamin A can be helpful but it always irritates my skin even when used occasionally or in small amounts.

302 showed up in my life again at the end of the summer. It was right before a vacation when I scheduled a facial at a local spa. My oily to combination, sensitive skin was acting confused – dry in areas, oilier than usual in others, and irritated. After the 302 facial, my skin was visibly calmer, clearer and softer. I was excited and opening to making a change in my daily skin care ritual.

Inflammation damages and ages facial skin if left unchecked. I suspected my current combination of products, including tretinoin cream, was too harsh.

I knew 302’s owner and founder, Richard Huber, through a former collaboration at another skin care company. We met in person while he visited Los Angeles soon after my 302 facial. Mr. Huber took one look at my face, pinched the skin on my hand and promised to send products to improve my complexion.

My 302 experience

The small white box I received the next week contained 4 items:

  • 302 DROPS  
  • SPF 30

Product junkie that I am, I was hoping for a bigger box! And I was a bit concerned when instructed as follows:

  1. Stop using foundation make-up, except for mineral based powder, as foundation can inflame and age the skin
  2. Cleanse only once a day
  3. Stop using all additional products, especially acid based products like Glycolic Acid, Retinoids or Vitamin C

However, his matter of fact assessment seemed right. Since I knew it was time for a change, I decided to trust him and thus followed this advice exactly.

Less is more with the 302 skin care routine 

The next morning I applied the SPF 30 (key ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide)

It went on smooth and felt slightly cool, with zero oiliness. This is a big plus if you are oily and prefer a matte finish. I’ve been on the mineral SPF bandwagon for over a decade and had several favorites. However, the mild vanilla scent and light texture make it a dream to use.

That night, I used the Clinical Dry/Sensitive Cleanser on my dry skin, massaged lightly and rinsed thoroughly. I expected it would take time to adjust to this product after a lifetime of gel cleansers. At one time, I had 9 different cleansers in my shower!

However, my skin was noticeably smoother after one use. This cleanser is oil based, so it moisturizes while cleansing. I was extremely pleased by how soft and balanced my skin felt immediately after cleansing.

Key ingredients: Squalane (sustainably derived from olives), green tea and herbs.

It was easy to get used to cleansing once a day. When I felt a bit oily in the morning, I simply washed with warm water.

Huber warned me that my skin might react to 302 Drops (key ingredients: organic jojoba oil, avogen302 and avocado extract) since I’d recently used an acid based exfoliant (an RX 0.08% tretinoin cream).

My skin did pink up after application and remained pink on day two. I used 302 Drops twice a week as instructed and my skin soon appeared hydrated, smoother and firmer.  It felt a bit oily after use until I realized 2-3 drops was plenty for one application. The drops work best when diluted with Calming Mist.

Results: Clear, calm, glowing skin!

While my skin was in good condition before using 302,  it looked noticeably better — plumper, even toned and more youthful —  within days of use.  

My pores also appeared smaller. My skin was calm and and even toned with very little redness. While I still have smile and laugh lines, they are softer and less obvious. Friends want to know what I’ve done to my skin!

Why choose 302? Real, visible results.

I love the fact that with 302, less is more. 

Based in Hayden, Idaho, 302 Professional Skin Care ( sells over 90 products to physicians & spas. For 20 years, the company has worked with a remarkable discovery called Avogen™ derived from a rainforest variety of avocado.

The Avogen™ molecules are a biologically significant matrix provided both topically and as a dietary supplement.  

It’s important to remember that the skin is an organ, the largest one we have. Everything you put on and into your largest organ has an effect on its health and potentially your overall health. You truly get better results doing less, often with fewer products.

302 is a small, owner-run company that cares about your health and skin, not a giant corporation trying to hook you on using many products once or twice a day. The company training manual actually cautions providers not to overdo it with too many products or too many applications.

Key active serums are typically applied only 2-3 times a week. The idea is to stimulate the skin with active formulations, but allow sufficient recovery time, thus avoiding inflammation.

Stimulation or stress, then rest. Repeat.

Most of the products are not intended for daily use, except cleansers and SPF. Many of us have been brainwashed to overuse and over consume beauty products!  It’s not necessary or helpful in the long run.

It might take a little time to adjust to using this line, but you’ll love your results.

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