Find your ideal everyday Makeup Foundation

Having that ideal, go-to makeup foundation is as essential as the right jeans, handbag, or perfect pair of heels.   When you have “the one,” it’s easier to feel pulled together, pretty and ready for your day. I’ve tried so many foundations since giving up my old standby Estee Lauder about 2 years ago! In […]

Want dramatically thicker, lusher lashes?

I’ve searched high and low for a cruelty-free mascara to transform my thinning lashes to their former thick, dark and lush state. Volumizing mascara that does not smudge is one of my 3 makeup essentials, along with lipstick and foundation — and I wanted a serious upgrade. Another natural mineral based brand I tried did […]

Favorite Cruelty-Free Make Up Brands!

MY FAVORITE CRUELTY FREE MAKE UP BRANDS While skin care is my passion, I enjoy all the fantastic looks that the right make up can help create. Since letting my hair go natural, I find that using more color in my make up helps balance the look of my lighter (silver blonde) hair. So it’s […]