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How to Heal Candida: Part 2

How to Heal Digestive Issues & Candida: My Progress Report:  Weeks 1-3

Week 1

12/1:  I shopped for my new life and got an energy work session.  By the afternoon I felt sick and went to bed at 8 pm.

12/2: Today I woke with a headache and nausea. I canceled my plans, stayed in bed and did not take any herbs. I realized I probably needed to slow down with the herbs.

12/3: My acupuncturist confirms that doing the acupuncture treatment, herbs and energy work session within a 24 hour period was too much.

I am to stay on the diet but add the herbs back slowly: 1 pill tomorrow, and then add 1 more per day until I am once again taking all 6 pills daily.

I make a beef (www.belcampo.com) stew with organic carrots, onions, mushrooms and a few small potatoes for dinner.  It is beyond delicious.  I’m grateful to have BelCampo nearby. This Mt. Shasta based farm/shop/restaurant sells humanely raised, organic eggs, grass-fed beef and other meats. They also sell Bone Broth, which is extremely healing to the gut.

While I have mixed feelings about eating animal products almost daily, I feel good about the way BelCampo runs their farm and treats the animals, which are given a proper diet, plenty of room to roam, and a normal life cycle.

12/4: I wake up with energy and while I didn’t make coffee until 10 am, felt fairly energetic. I feel just cutting the sugar and flour has already made an impact!

From now on, I’ll do a weekly check in.


12/11: Yesterday I had my best work out in years!

Normally I dread the gym and drag myself there for 30-45 minutes. But this time, I actually did about twice as many reps, some at a higher weight, with relative ease! I’m waking earlier with ease.

My mood is consistently positive.

I also lost 3 pounds, though I’m eating plenty of full fat, nutrient dense foods.

I expect some die off symptoms (skin rashes, dullness, headaches, etc.) to appear as the bacteria, yeast, and fungi leave my system, but none have occurred yet. I do feel some bloating, usually upon waking, but it’s mild.

Week 3


Not much new to report!  My energy is still strong.  My workouts are better and I wake up with more energy.

I’m going to see my family for Christmas, and hope I can stay strong and not eat the many homemade desserts, breads and biscuits that everyone else will be enjoying!

I’m looking forward to my next follow up visit to add supplments that help restore the beneficial bacteria and probiotics to my system.

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