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Find your ideal everyday Makeup Foundation

Having that ideal, go-to makeup foundation is as essential as the right jeans, handbag, or perfect pair of heels.  

When you have “the one,” it’s easier to feel pulled together, pretty and ready for your day.

I’ve tried so many foundations since giving up my old standby Estee Lauder about 2 years ago!

In the past few years, my skin has changed. I’m still getting used to being “normal” instead of “combination.”  That is, normal to dry, a bit sensitive, with slight oiliness on my nose and redness on cheeks and nose.

I often go foundation free with 302’s Tinted SPF 50 (www.302skincare.com) and concealer, but sometimes I want more polish.

Since my skin is good in general, I also don’t apply makeup to my entire face.  For this reason, it’s essential that the color matches or blends really well while toning down redness.

In addition to shopping cruelty-free, I try to avoid ingredients that might irritate sensitive skin, or clog pores. I still get blackheads and excess oil around my nose and don’t want to make it worse. So this means no silicones, no chemical SPF, no fragrances.

Here is a list of products (liquid foundations unless noted) I’ve tried out this year:

  • Charlotte Tilbury 
  • HourGlass (foundation stick)
  • Tarte
  • Ilia
  • W3ll People (foundation stick)
  • Vapour Beauty
  • Alima Pure (mineral powder)
  • Kat Von D
  • Bare Minerals (powder and liquid)
  • Milk
  • Becca
  • Lune + Aster CC Cream
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream
  • Chantcaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Though not my top choice, I really liked Charlotte Tilbury. It has a wonderful light texture and excellent color options. 

The HourGlass foundation (https://www.hourglasscosmetics.com/vanish-seamless-finish-foundation-stick) that a salesperson insisted on using on me made me feel like a supermodel – 100% flawless and glowy! But it also felt heavy. It does contain silicones (as most do) which may be why it felt a bit shiny after about two hours.

My new Favorite Every Day Foundation….

In the end, my favorite for every day is one that I’ve read about. I’d received a concealer from the company in a past Ipsy bag and loved it:

IT Cosmetics – Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+

The light/medium color is my perfect match, and it really does cover well. I used a tiny amount on my cheeks and nose to minimize redness. It matched my skin nicely and stayed in place all day without becoming heavy or oily. A  bonus is that it contains a mineral SPF 50 and moisturizing ingredients to improve the appearance of your skin. 

If your skin is dry like mine, your skin does need to be moisturized properly or it can emphasize dry areas.

Overall, it’s a great product and I’m thrilled to have it in my make up bag!

I also love that it comes in a travel size.

For a really important date or special event, I love the flawless glow you get with HourGlass Foundation Stick (https://www.hourglasscosmetics.com/vanish-seamless-finish-foundation-stick).

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