Find your ideal everyday Makeup Foundation

Having that ideal, go-to makeup foundation is as essential as the right jeans, handbag, or perfect pair of heels.   When you have “the one,” it’s easier to feel pulled together, pretty and ready for your day. I’ve tried so many foundations since giving up my old standby Estee Lauder about 2 years ago! In […]

How to Heal Candida: Part 2

How to Heal Digestive Issues & Candida: My Progress Report:  Weeks 1-3 Week 1 12/1:  I shopped for my new life and got an energy work session.  By the afternoon I felt sick and went to bed at 8 pm. 12/2: Today I woke with a headache and nausea. I canceled my plans, stayed in […]

Favorite Cruelty-Free Make Up Brands!

MY FAVORITE CRUELTY FREE MAKE UP BRANDS While skin care is my passion, I enjoy all the fantastic looks that the right make up can help create. Since letting my hair go natural, I find that using more color in my make up helps balance the look of my lighter (silver blonde) hair. So it’s […]

How to Heal Candida & Digestive imbalances

Healing Candida & Gut Health I’m the person others sometimes find annoyingly healthy.  I’ve never had cramps during my period. I’ve never dieted though I’ve not always exercised regularly. Thanks to daily mineral SPF and good genes, I look at least a bit young for my age. Other than occasional headaches and tight muscles, I’ve not […]

Want dramatically thicker, lusher lashes?

I’ve searched high and low for a cruelty-free mascara to transform my thinning lashes to their former thick, dark and lush state. Volumizing mascara that does not smudge is one of my 3 makeup essentials, along with lipstick and foundation — and I wanted a serious upgrade. Another natural mineral based brand I tried did […]

Want Shiny, Healthy Hair? MOOR SPA offers 100% Natural Products

ENJOY SHINY, HEALTHY HAIR WITH MOOR SPA NATURAL HAIRCARE We all want shiny, healthy hair that feels soft to the touch, don’t we? For those of us with colored, highlighted or otherwise chemically processed hair, maintaining shiny, healthy hair can be a real challenge. I’ve found that choosing gentle formulas with natural ingredients can make […]

love note to my body

I’m in the 4% of American women who claim they love or like their own bodies. I’ve read that almost none of us do, even the young, pretty and “perfect” looking ones. Even the models! Even the 29 year old millennials, getting their botox injections every 3 months because, as one tells me, with a […]

Blissoma Skin Care (St. Louis, MO)

CRUELTY FREE SKIN CARE & MAKE UP While in St. Louis for the Thanksgiving holiday,  I stopped by Julie Longyear’s delightful store featuring its own line of holistic skin care, body care and  several make-up lines. Blissoma offers a holistic, natural approach to personal care for men and women .  It is the only cruelty-free beauty […]

30 Days with 302 Professional Skin Care

Exceptional results for aging skin and acne I’ve tried many skin care lines, especially in the 10 years I’ve worked for medical aesthetics manufacturers. As a sales rep, I’ve traded products and feedback with doctors, aestheticians and other reps about the latest and best products.  A few long term staples have earned my loyalty, but […]